Great Hiking on Saba

Hiking on Saba is an unique, fantastic experience. The village Windwardside, at the foot of the Mt. Scenery, offers straight access to a couple of hiking trails. Each hike brings a varied degree of difficulty, landscape, view, vegetation and duration.

The most popular, yet difficult hike is the Mt. Scenery trail. At an elevation of 887 m, The Mount Scenery is the highest point in the Dutch Kingdom. Its summit and upper slopes are covered by dense vegetation and a variety of species. The climb will lead you through rainforest with huge elephant ears, mountain palms and yellow heliconias. As its top is frequently in the cloud, a good view can never be guaranteed.

Near the sea grassy meadows with scattered shrubs mainly dominate.

A shorter, easier hike is the one to the Tide Pools at Flatpoint, at the coast. Tide Pools are small enclosures between cliffs and rocks filled with clear seawater, allowing a fantastic view of marine life inclusive of little colourful fish and sea flora.

Saba is a perfect holiday destination for hikers and nature lovers. Our accommodation “Villa Fairview” is suitable for 1 up to 6 persons. This comfortable holiday accommodation is situated near the village Windwardside and offers straight access to various hiking trails. A fantastic location to relax and calm down after a hike through the scenic beauty of the island Saba.

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